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Parallettes Fun for BJJ….

I definitely have to get me a set of parallettes and this video shows why. Like Ive said a million times before, Im always on the look out for better kdrills and workouts to help my sorry old ass stay competitive in BJJ and this routine is another great routine to add to any BJJ guys aresenal.

I Love how he incorporates passing drills into the routine using the parallette bars…



Cobrinha Warm Ups..

I am always on the lookout for better ways to drill and warmup.  Well in this video from Cobrinhabjj.com I think I hit the jack pot. Here are some unique drills that are a definite must-add to your jiu jitsu workouts.  I especially like how Cobrinha adds some capoeira into the routine plus the heavy drilling for the inverted guard…


Here’s another great video from Paul Zaichik from elasticsteel.com.   One muscle group I hate to stretch are my hamstrings! Partly because I’m lazy and also I always find it one of the hardest areas to find a real effective stretching routine for.
In this video Paul shows a great range of motion exercise which is a variation on the Down dog position in Yoga.  This is simple and effective plus its one of those exercises that you can do anywhere and anytime, unless your at work which might get you some time off if your boss catches you….LOL


So obviously this weeks exercise theme has been the handstand or handstand push up.  Since some of what I been posting maybe too advanced for some out there (me included..lol) I thought I’d post the easier cousin of the handstand, the headstand.

This is a great move to work yourself up to the handstand and to the more difficult versions that follow after you can achieve an un-assisted handstand…….



This is a impressive display from head Yoga instructor Kino MacGregor from Kino Yoga.  If I had half the ability she has my life would be complete…..lol


Keeping in line with the whole Yoga/animal flows Ive been posting this week, here comes Ginastica Natural for you. Created by Alvaro Romano and used by some of the top BJJ guys on the planet.  This is a good flow put together by Marcio “Macarrao” Stambowsky. This is also for my buddy Matt who was looking to add a little jiu jitsu without the partner…..

Frogger for BJJ…..

I think, for me personally, some of the best workouts Ive done specifically for BJJ were all the animal movement type exercises that are out there right now. Add to that a regular Yoga practice and it will create longevity in your BJJ training.

This is a nice Flow from  creator Mike Fitch of www.globalbodyweighttraining.com.  I really like a lot of what he does and I recommend you check out his site. He’s got some good routines and products….

This is a great Yoga Flow specifically for BJJ guys. This is from Rebel Yoga and the guys at 10th Planet Jiu jitsu.

Check it out…

This is a segment from Stephan Kestings ‘Yoga For Martial Arts” He put out a couple of years ago. This is a great DVD for  anyone looking to introduce yoga to their training. I thought this DVD was very well done…

Yoga flow for BJJ….

This is a good little Yoga workout from Budokon.  Budokon is a mixture of yoga, martial arts,dance and animal movements. The yoga type flows that it promotes really blend well together with BJJ training. If you get a chance check out some of their dvds…..

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