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Parallettes Fun for BJJ….

I definitely have to get me a set of parallettes and this video shows why. Like Ive said a million times before, Im always on the look out for better kdrills and workouts to help my sorry old ass stay competitive in BJJ and this routine is another great routine to add to any BJJ guys aresenal.

I Love how he incorporates passing drills into the routine using the parallette bars…



Cobrinha Warm Ups..

I am always on the lookout for better ways to drill and warmup.  Well in this video from Cobrinhabjj.com I think I hit the jack pot. Here are some unique drills that are a definite must-add to your jiu jitsu workouts.  I especially like how Cobrinha adds some capoeira into the routine plus the heavy drilling for the inverted guard…


Stability ball time…

So Im going to switch the focus this week from Yoga to stability ball workouts. Up first is a killer all-in-one ab exercise thats touted as the best single core ab exercise you can do by Baltimore Personal Trainer: Coach Nick Tumminello.

The beginning is a little heavy on the info, but I take his word for it and so do my abs because Ive tried this before and it sucks, in a good way…lol

Rickson Gracie workout..

Here is some old footage taken from the documentary “Choke” about Rickson Gracie showing him doing his daily workout routine…This is some great stuff to try and add to your current workout routine..You would probably need a actual Yoga instructor to teach you some of the advanced breathing techniques in this video so I would not attempt them on your own. Still some great stuff though…

Imagination and working out….

This Nike add pretty much explains it all so I’ll keep this post light on words.

The one thing I love about trainging in Brazilian jiu jitsu is that my mind is always fully engaged.  There is no need to pretend Im training against an opponent, he’s already there trying to choke me out.

On the other hand, when Im doing a regular work out  I find it harder not to get bored in the monotony of training so at times like this is when you might want to engage that muscle we used more as kids, our imagination. Watch the video to see what I mean.


If you haven’t added jump rope to your cardio routine then your missing out. I know in the beginning jumping rope is frustrating as hell, but the benefits are fantastic. Don’t get stuck in the mind set that jumping rope is only for boxing. The cardio benefits are for so many sports.

Check out Ross’s article that goes with this video on his link…

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