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Here is a great partner set drill combo cardio workout from BB Renato Tavares and BB Tommy Wales.   This something that I lack in my own training and you can see how they put it to great use..



Mike Diaz, a Black Belt under Pedro Sauer, shows this awesome escape/sweep combo from the cross-sides position.  The thing with escapes  is realizing that you have to chain your escapes together in order to get a higher rate of success.  Just attempting one type of escape over and over thats not working is not only counter productive  but also physically exhausting making it more likely that your opponent is going to either tap you out or knock you out!


Some quick work from Ryan Hall at the 2009 Grapplers Quest …..


This is a series of clips from Ryan Halls deep half guard DVD set.  I’ve never really that big on using the deep half guard (probably because I’m not good at it..lol) but just the sample of tips from this four minute video can really add some dimension to your half guard game.

I always really liked Ryan Hall and his jiu jitsu game.  He always compete’s and his Jiu Jitsu is always really fluid, plus his attitude and sportsmanship on the mat and in competition is always commendable. Do yourself a favor and pick up his deep half guard DVD’s…..


So I really like this video, not only does it feature two great grapplers with very similar styles but it also has a break down analysis by Ryan Hall which is a great bonus.


Good match showing off the skills of Ryan Hall.  Not only is Ryan’s inverted-guard killer, his 50/50 guard is something to always fear. This is a great match to watch how he seamlessly flows between the use of the two….

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