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Full body exercise for jiu jitsu…

This is from the guys over at bjjworkouts.com  I really like a lot of their workouts,they are one of the few out there that have really good sport specific routines for the BJJ players.  This is just a small example of some of the types of exercises that they have to offer.  I like how they make standing up in a base position  into a core exercise….

This is just a promo for Ross Enamaits up coming DVD series on sandbag training but if you have ever bought any of his products then you know how good this is going to be, especially for us BJJ guys.  Nothing more sport specific for us than sandbag training!! Check it out…

This is for my friend Matt…..

Cant say enough about Ross Enamait other than he makes me and my friend Matt feel like giving up…lmao

Check out his link on my site, and try some of these roll outs if you dare !

If you haven’t added jump rope to your cardio routine then your missing out. I know in the beginning jumping rope is frustrating as hell, but the benefits are fantastic. Don’t get stuck in the mind set that jumping rope is only for boxing. The cardio benefits are for so many sports.

Check out Ross’s article that goes with this video on his link…

More awesome training ideas with Ross Enamait and a variation on jumping rope.

Ready to burn up your lungs, then follow along with this routine from Ross Enamait.  Hit up his link on my blog for more great routines.  I own about four of his books and two of his DVD’s which I consider money well spent….


Some hardcore training…

Need to get in shape for any reason? Look no further than Ross Enamait……Check out his site  at www.rossboxing.com..

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