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Here is a great partner set drill combo cardio workout from BB Renato Tavares and BB Tommy Wales.   This something that I lack in my own training and you can see how they put it to great use..



Some great Judo throws for you..

Just like the title says, here is a great compilation of judo throws….Some are just painful to watch!


Paragon Black belt Sean Apperson shows a really nice cross sides escape here that transitions into the Cross-guard.  The detail he gives in this video is great, plus the options to attack or sweep from this move add that nice finishing touch to the the move.  Like any other technique you’ll have to drill this sequence a lot before you can get the mechanics down correctly, but once you do you’ll have your opponent scrambling to get away from you…


Here is some great training footage of Kamal Shalorus vs Leo Frincu  and at the same time Ronda Rousey vs Karo Parisyan.  This gives you some good insight into why these competitors are so good….


I don’t post a lot of MMA fights on here unless they have some excellent grappling involved, and that is exactly what this Tate vs Rousey fight is full of.

I know there are a lot of guys in the grappling world who balk at the idea they can learn something from a female grappler. I think the mindset there is that women grapplers or fighters for that matter, are weaker in their skills then men. I really can’t disagree more. I think women use a higher degree of technique then men because of being the so called “weaker gender.”

Ive learned a lot from watching female competitors like Rousey, Kyra Gracie, leticia Ribeirio, Michelle Nicolini and host of others whose techniques are at a higher level than most men. Plus you would be hard pressed to find a lot of men that could compete with these women.  Try calling Rousey the weaker sex to her face and see what happens…..LOL

Personally I don’t care if  your man, woman or alien, if  you have great technique then you have my full attention. So watch as Tate and Rousey give a great display of MMA and Grappling technique….



This a great interview with MMA/Judo champ Ronda Rousey…Make sure you watch the whole thing…This is funny as hell…..

This week’s technique section will focus on the arm bar, and who better to start it out than the Arm-Hunter herself, Judo Olympian and MMA champ Ronda Rousey.   Rousey has some phenomenal arm bar set ups that comes from her extensive Judo background and if you haven’t seen her in action than your missing out on some high level grappling…..


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