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Here is a great partner set drill combo cardio workout from BB Renato Tavares and BB Tommy Wales.   This something that I lack in my own training and you can see how they put it to great use..



Quick video of Garcia tearing it up….


I really like Pedro Sauer and his teaching style. He’s very detail oriented and is very good at breaking down the  positional moves.  In this video he goes over some common problems you run into when in someones butterfly guard and how to avoid them….


Not much to add to this description when you have two greats like this competing against each other.  Enjoy!


Robson Moura on BJJ….

This is a fantastic short documentary on Robson Moura and his ideas on training and BJJ as a life style.  This is some really good stuff……

Once again Robson Moura shows us how its done with his version of the Omopalata/Triangle combo……..



Sticking with this weeks theme of getting and escaping the triangle comes Robson Moura’s version of escaping the triangle.  I’ve been taught a lot of good escapes from the triangle over the years, but I have to say that this a fantastic version.

How Robson uses the legs is great because it alleviates a lot of the pressure on the neck and makes it impossible for your opponent to break your posture.  It goes without saying that the best way to get out of a triangle is to not get into one, but having this option will make you that much harder to submit.

Drill this escape, I know I’m going to…………..



This is a great set up to a triangle from an attempted sweep from the closed guard.  If I had a third of Robson’s ability I’d be a very happy  man…..lol



Robson Moura breaks down his version of the guillotine choke off the double leg takedown attempt.  A lot of great small details that really will improve your chances on getting the submission. This is from his no-gi dvd series which I highly recommend you picking up.


Great technical match up from two incredible BJJ guys…


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