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I really like Pedro Sauer and his teaching style. He’s very detail oriented and is very good at breaking down the  positional moves.  In this video he goes over some common problems you run into when in someones butterfly guard and how to avoid them….



Mike Diaz, a Black Belt under Pedro Sauer, shows this awesome escape/sweep combo from the cross-sides position.  The thing with escapes  is realizing that you have to chain your escapes together in order to get a higher rate of success.  Just attempting one type of escape over and over thats not working is not only counter productive  but also physically exhausting making it more likely that your opponent is going to either tap you out or knock you out!


Keeping in line with the arm bar theme this week is the basic arm bar from the guard.  Im all about the basics and theres very few that are better at breaking down techniques than Pedro Sauer….

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