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So this is just a quick post to let anyone left still reading this blog that I’m back…

A lot has gone on since my last post on here and now that I’m free of constraints I can start adding new content, and in the spirit of this revelation heres a little video to get things started.

Sorry for the layoff guys, I’ll try not to let it happen again…



Some inspiration….

I like to balance the BJJ end of things with some inspiration every now and then.  Heres a quick video about some real world heroes….


A will and a way…….

Michael Trimble was born with no arms but has managed to find his way through life by using his feet.   This is kind of a funny video of him showing how he can cut his own hair, but impressive nonetheless.  These videos always serve as a reminder to me that no matter what comes my way theres alway a way to overcome, you just have to have the will.

And another overcomes…….

Johnathan Heider is yet another example of miles of heart.  Its always the same thing, if you think you can or you think you can’t, your right.    Here we see a boy refuse to let disability define his life……


This earth is the distant star we must find a way to reach……Nathaniel Branden

One thing in life  Ive always found kind of fascinating is that people who are unhappy always seem to be waiting for something to come along and change their lives for them.  Whether its something small like getting a better car or something heavy like getting out of a bad marriage, people want some kind of magic to come along and whisk their problems away.

A lot of that kind of thinking comes from not believing you have it in you to make the changes you want, doubting that your strong enough, smart enough, and all the other short comings you let your mind sell you in order not to take the appropriate action to bring about real change.

The truth is that we all are strong enough to accomplish  anything we want, its developing the mindset thats the real challenge. Its a habitual form of defeatist thinking that you have already cultivated negatively so all you really have to do is start creating a healthier habit of positive thinking.

I’m a typical example of this.  A couple of years ago I knew literally nothing about computers, and even less about Apple computers.  I had always wanted to buy a Mac but told myself it was too big a learning curve. So I kept up the illusion in my head that I would need someone or something to help me if I was ever going to learn about Mac’s.

Then, one day, I decided to get an old Mac off ebay and see what I could do with it. I figured it was cheap, and the worst that could happen was that I didn’t use it. After I received it I loved it, and that motivated me to go further into learning everything I could about Mac’s and how they operated.  Now I can repair my own Macs from software to hardware, from iPhone to iPad, and no one showed me how to do it, I took the onus upon myself to learn everything I could so I was self sufficient in my effort.

Small accomplishments can empower you even further  to do things you thought were impossible before. Thats how I felt after I came to a point when I was repairing my own computers, it was small but rewarding. Like the Nathaniel Branden quote above, its the person inside you should be seeking help from and not some outside force that you hope will save the day.  Coming to this realization will immensely benefit you in the long run and create a life that you don’t have to wait to live.

This is a good video to remind you how fast life can change on you.  Some good inspirational quotes throughout, but the central message is the same old thing, live everyday like it was your last.  I know its been said to death but it something that you should repeat to yourself  ad nauseam…

When you see the attitude of Staff Sergeant Tyler Anderson in this Youtube clip then you know why I really get tired of people telling why they can’t take BJJ instead of why they can.  BJJ is probably solely known as a fighting art, but in this clip it shows the healing side too.

This is a great piece on how BJJ is helping some of our soldiers recover from injury, and the positive attitude of a person overcoming something that a lot of us might have given up over…


Quick post today, burning up with fever so this is all the energy I have today.  Nice little news piece about a man born with no hands and legs. When I think Im suffering with a fever from the flu I get to keep myself in check with stories like these.


Yes I can…..

This is a very simple video.  Theres no long story of overcoming anything(its just understood), just a guy training in Krav maga. What makes this video so great is its simplicity. To us, its inspiring, motivating even. To him, he’s just training.

So when I come to a point where I start thinking things have gotten the best of me, I look at something like this and  say to myself  “Suck it up!”….

Impossible nothing….

Great commercial that shows you that heart isn’t just for sports.. I really like the message this sends…

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