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Here is a great partner set drill combo cardio workout from BB Renato Tavares and BB Tommy Wales.   This something that I lack in my own training and you can see how they put it to great use..



Twister submission fun….

I’m not that good with any of the 10th planet stuff, mainly because I’m old and not that flexible so I stick with the old stuff, but it doesn’t stop me from enjoying a good old fashion 10th planet submission.  Here is Josh Hinger pulling off the twister at Grappler’s Quest.  I think I’ve only pulled this off three times ever in training and onc of those times was a complete accident lol….

If you havent heard about Miyao brothers yet then give it time, you will. These two brothers have been burning up the tournament circuit and dazzling people with their use of De la Riva Guard, reverse De la Riva guard and Berimbolo sweep.   Its been hard to find opponents that can stop their onslaught, but in this video we get to see the rare individual that can in Marcio Andre.

This is a great match to watch for anyone who is having trouble dealing with these kinds of attacks as you get to see how Andre stifles a lot of the techniques that usually work for the Miyao brothers .

Great technical match up here from the Pan-Americano 2011 championships… a lot of great transitional work in this match to learn from….One of my favorites being around the 13:50 mark, its an old school back reversal that you usually use when your in the turtle position with someone on your back leaving their head exposed too far forward.   Never thought of using while standing!

Some quick work from Ryan Hall at the 2009 Grapplers Quest …..


Here is a very technical match between two great black belts…The thing about Maia that makes him such an incredible Jiu Jitsu guy is his ability to seem like he’s in big trouble than use that bad momentum to his advantage…….


Heres  Michelle Nicolini showing us why she’s one of the best female BJJ competitors.  Nicolini’s guard work is always something to learn from…….


There are two reasons why I love watching Kron Gracie compete. One is that he shows how you can use basic techniques at the highest levels of competition validating the notion in BJJ that its all about refining your basics.

Two is that he’s always in constant motion when caught in bad spots which you get to see in this clip. Ive seen too many guys stop and rest when caught in a bad spot (me included, lol) letting their opponent capitalize on the position. Kron never gives his opponent time to rest when they catch him off guard….


Some high level skill in this match up between Tarsys Humphreys and Xande Ribeiro…Two distinctly different styles to learn from here….


Classic match up between two Bjj legends, Mario “Zen Machine” Sperry and Roberto”Gordo”Correa.  Sperry is known for his great top game and complete calm during his competing days.  Correa is known for being amongst the first Bjj guys to really develop the half-guard game after an injury to his hip limited his use of the guard…….


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