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Heres another cross sides escape with Mike Diaz.  This one is definitely a tricky one to pull off.  Although I really like this one I should say one thing about this move:  Timing is everything with this move, you have to be really quick to pull this off.  If you fail on this one your in a really bad spot to get caught in the north-south choke.

Having said that, definitely drill this one till your sick of it and it your work will pay off…


Mike Diaz, a Black Belt under Pedro Sauer, shows this awesome escape/sweep combo from the cross-sides position.  The thing with escapes  is realizing that you have to chain your escapes together in order to get a higher rate of success.  Just attempting one type of escape over and over thats not working is not only counter productive  but also physically exhausting making it more likely that your opponent is going to either tap you out or knock you out!


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