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Parallettes Fun for BJJ….

I definitely have to get me a set of parallettes and this video shows why. Like Ive said a million times before, Im always on the look out for better kdrills and workouts to help my sorry old ass stay competitive in BJJ and this routine is another great routine to add to any BJJ guys aresenal.

I Love how he incorporates passing drills into the routine using the parallette bars…



Full body exercise for jiu jitsu…

This is from the guys over at bjjworkouts.com  I really like a lot of their workouts,they are one of the few out there that have really good sport specific routines for the BJJ players.  This is just a small example of some of the types of exercises that they have to offer.  I like how they make standing up in a base position  into a core exercise….

To finish up the kettlebell theme this week is a nice kettlebell interval circuit from the guys at San diego Premier training……


Nice technique and Kettlebell breakdown from the guys at Synergy Martial Arts. I like how they show you why they are doing these certain kettlebell movements by showing you the related Bjj techniques…..

Continuing the series in the BJJ workout  routines, here is personal trainer Josh Schlottman showing 17 advanced kettle bell exercises…….



Another great kettlebell exercise from the guys at BJJworkouts.  This is a great variation on the turkish get-up thats really applicable to the BJJ guys out there. This a great way to train the elbow push escape from side control.


Great routine from the guys at UKBfitness. They really string a lot of good exercises together in this sequence.

So this week I’ll be posting Kettlebell workouts for the BJJ and MMA guys out there. First up is a nice routine from the guys at BJJworkouts, This is a good functional series that they put together.


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