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Some inspiration….

I like to balance the BJJ end of things with some inspiration every now and then.  Heres a quick video about some real world heroes….



Overcoming Cancer……….

At the age of 17 Amanda McDaniel was diagnosed with Osteo Sarcoma, a rare form of childhood bone cancer. Most adults would probably be destroyed by that kind of diagnoses, but Amanda’s first reaction was to ask “Can we fight it!”

Ive posted a lot of things up here about MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Judo competitors in an attempt to show the martial spirit, but none have come closer to that soul than Amanda MaDaniel.  Tenacity, courage,heart all in the face of of death and all done with a smile and a light heart. You can’t get closer to Bushido than Amanda

Im about to get a little harsh here, but when I see a brave  child like this going up against her own mortality at such a young age in a way that even a Navy Seal would envy,then I don’t want to hear anyones shit about how hard their lives are and how they can’t get motivated, and all the other excuses we say to avoid living the lives we want.

Im a little disheartened that this only got a little over  7 thousand views, but an idiot like Kim Kardashian will get a Youtube hit of 15 million……

A will and a way…….

Michael Trimble was born with no arms but has managed to find his way through life by using his feet.   This is kind of a funny video of him showing how he can cut his own hair, but impressive nonetheless.  These videos always serve as a reminder to me that no matter what comes my way theres alway a way to overcome, you just have to have the will.

This is a good video to remind you how fast life can change on you.  Some good inspirational quotes throughout, but the central message is the same old thing, live everyday like it was your last.  I know its been said to death but it something that you should repeat to yourself  ad nauseam…

Some inspiration

Ok ,so I know this is a bit gaudy but the message is still good so try and look past the fluff..I try to put  up the occasional inspirational piece mainly because, with any type of training or sport, you go through ruts and you need a bit of motivation here and there….

I still have a Soul

This is an commercial for HBO boxing at night thats been getting alot of hits on Youtube.  Some of you might have seen this before but it truly is worth reposting. It has everything needed to inspire the human soul and the message applies to any endeavor  you seek to accomplish.

Over the years I’ve been  training I’ve been asked a common question, “What do you like so much about Brazilian jiu jitsu?”  I think the majority of people expect me to say something moronic like “I like kicking ass!” or something more macho like “I don’t like taking crap off of people!”  but these attitudes couldn’t be further removed from my mindset if you tried.

When I began training when I was younger  I’ll admit that it was all about self defense and being ready for a street fight, but as time went on something deeper developed from training that made me love the art even more. I could list about a million things I love about Jiu Jitsu, but for this particular  article I want to cover one  aspect thats always kept me coming back to the art.

Its the inspiration from the people I train with to the motivating stories from around the Bjj world that  I love.  I’ve watched people join up who had no athletic background, much less athletic ability and rise to become some of the top players around. I’ve seen first hand the confidence and fortitude it can build in people who were so shy they had a hard time just signing up for a class.

I’ve watched people come in so out of shape to the point of being sickly turn around to become an energetic, heathly person, or people with disabilities that find themselves again through training in Bjj.

There is probably no greater example of what Im talking about  than the above photo….Story goes that the man on the left hand side of  the photo with the deformed leg had struggled and fought hard enough to qualify for the Brazilian Jiu jitsu state championship, which is where this picture was taken.  He ended up losing this match, but earning the respect of the crowd and his opponent who had wept after the match was over because he was so moved .

It is this human factor that keeps me coming back to train, and when Im in a rut, or going through a hard time, I always access these stories to keep me motivated.

It is what I call the heart of Jiu Jitsu.

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