I think that if you’re a blue belt and above that you probably know by now that the most important part of your body to develop is your hips.  Strength and flexibility along with dexterity are crucial in this area. In this video from Paul Zaichik, founder of   ElasticSteel.com comes a great tutorial on one of the most important stretches for the Bjj guy, the butterfly stretch.  I’m one of those people that researches a lot of things about Bjj that can help me, from matches to exercises to a whole host of products that are out there.  When I first came upon the ElasticSteel steel stuff and watched some of Paul’s videos my first thought was that he seemed knowledgeable but it could be some of the same old stuff I’ve seen before, plus his presentations on youtube seemed a little dry, but  I gave him a chance and picked up his video on stretching for grapplers.

Well I couldn’t be more wrong!  I use most of his stretching routines even more than yoga, and thats saying something. Check out his website and  his youtube videos when you get a chance, he has a lot of good, free stuff out there, just try to look past the fact that most of the time he’s filming from his living room…LOL