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Mike Diaz, a Black Belt under Pedro Sauer, shows this awesome escape/sweep combo from the cross-sides position.  The thing with escapes  is realizing that you have to chain your escapes together in order to get a higher rate of success.  Just attempting one type of escape over and over thats not working is not only counter productive  but also physically exhausting making it more likely that your opponent is going to either tap you out or knock you out!



Some informative break down on the cross sides escape with Relson Gracie Black Belt Tod Tanaka..

This is a version probably everyone knows but there is a lot of detail that really makes the difference in this video. Just the detail in the arm placement is great in itself……


Keeping with the theme of the week here is a guillotine choke escape from the guys at submission 101. This covers escaping the guillotine when caught in the guard…..

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