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So this is just a quick post to let anyone left still reading this blog that I’m back…

A lot has gone on since my last post on here and now that I’m free of constraints I can start adding new content, and in the spirit of this revelation heres a little video to get things started.

Sorry for the layoff guys, I’ll try not to let it happen again…



When to fight and when to give…

I absolutely love the message from this ‘Ever Last’ commercial…..This is a classic portrayal of a warrior with a moral decision whether to fight or  to yield……..

More motivation…..

Might have to call this motivation day.   Might be that I need some because Im a little low in the gas tank myself and can’t seem to start my workout!!!…lol

Anyway this is a great boxing piece with some motional speeches intertwined through it.

Some hardcore training…

Need to get in shape for any reason? Look no further than Ross Enamait……Check out his site  at www.rossboxing.com..

This is an commercial for HBO boxing at night thats been getting alot of hits on Youtube.  Some of you might have seen this before but it truly is worth reposting. It has everything needed to inspire the human soul and the message applies to any endeavor  you seek to accomplish.

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