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So this is just a quick post to let anyone left still reading this blog that I’m back…

A lot has gone on since my last post on here and now that I’m free of constraints I can start adding new content, and in the spirit of this revelation heres a little video to get things started.

Sorry for the layoff guys, I’ll try not to let it happen again…



Naudi Aguilar is a great personal trainer and his functional strength routines are really unique….Check out this great movement routine.  You should definitely look up his channel on youtube, there is a lot of great stuff for the BJJ guys out there…



Robson Moura on BJJ….

This is a fantastic short documentary on Robson Moura and his ideas on training and BJJ as a life style.  This is some really good stuff……

Been a little lax lately with the blog, mainly because I’ve been busy at work, but what better way to make it  up to you than to show you some serious training footage of the great Andre Galvao.

Outside his fantastic jiu jitsu, the thing I really like about Galvao is that he is a big believer in drilling to ad nauseam. In this clip you get to see a little of that in action but the big benefit is seeing him roll in a class setting. Just his speed and fluidity in his Jiu jitsu is enough to learn from.  This is a great clip from Gracie Mag…….

Once again Robson Moura shows us how its done with his version of the Omopalata/Triangle combo……..



From the 2005 ADCC  tournament comes Kyra Gracie.  Kyra’s technique is always flawless as you can see in this match against the highly talented Fuji. The way Kyra keeps on the move and floats between attacks is really impressive ……


This is a nice break down of the handstand push up from the people at Cross Fit.  I really like the progression they go through here to get to the advanced movements…….

So I decided Im going to start posting a series of techniques. Im not a huge fan of learning techniques off of Youtube mainly because you need a qualified instructor to iron out details for you, but there are a lot of good techniques on there  so hopefully you can go over them with your instructor.

So speaking of qualified, I thought I’d start off this series with my own instructor Josh Madama. Here he shows a brutal guillotine/sweep/into key lock combo…. Josh has been kind enough to use this on me many times…lmao

Some Rebel Yoga for BJJ….

This is a great Yoga Flow specifically for BJJ guys. This is from Rebel Yoga and the guys at 10th Planet Jiu jitsu.

Check it out…

Marcelo Garcia….

This is a segment from a series called Arte Suave that follows some of the best BJJ black belts and does mini-biographies on each of them.  This is one that was done on Marcelo Garcia and gives a good look into his philosophies on training…..

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