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Here is the classic match between Masahiko Kimura and Helio Gracie. This was really a match between Kodakan Judo(Kimura) and Gracie Jiu Jitsu (Helio).

To me its all the same. Judo led to BJJ and BJJ compliments Judo.  This is just a great piece of  history involving two legends………




This a great interview with MMA/Judo champ Ronda Rousey…Make sure you watch the whole thing…This is funny as hell…..

Heres Judo champ and MMA champ Ronda Rousey pulling off her signature move at the 2010 Judo Senior Nationals…..

The great Mike Swain in action. Nice slow motion shots throughout this video that lets you see the techniques in action…


Judo match of the day…

This is judo olympian Lee, won hee from S.Korea competing in the 2006 DOHA Asian Olympic Game.   Won hee shows his serious talent in this match….


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