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Some great Judo throws for you..

Just like the title says, here is a great compilation of judo throws….Some are just painful to watch!



I think that if you’re a blue belt and above that you probably know by now that the most important part of your body to develop is your hips.  Strength and flexibility along with dexterity are crucial in this area. In this video from Paul Zaichik, founder of comes a great tutorial on one of the most important stretches for the Bjj guy, the butterfly stretch.  I’m one of those people that researches a lot of things about Bjj that can help me, from matches to exercises to a whole host of products that are out there.  When I first came upon the ElasticSteel steel stuff and watched some of Paul’s videos my first thought was that he seemed knowledgeable but it could be some of the same old stuff I’ve seen before, plus his presentations on youtube seemed a little dry, but  I gave him a chance and picked up his video on stretching for grapplers.

Well I couldn’t be more wrong!  I use most of his stretching routines even more than yoga, and thats saying something. Check out his website and  his youtube videos when you get a chance, he has a lot of good, free stuff out there, just try to look past the fact that most of the time he’s filming from his living room…LOL



Here is some great training footage of Kamal Shalorus vs Leo Frincu  and at the same time Ronda Rousey vs Karo Parisyan.  This gives you some good insight into why these competitors are so good….


Some serious Judo Newaza……..

This is some killer footage of high-level Judo competitors from around the world showing their proficiency in ground fighting. I like when someone says to me that Judo is great for stand up but they lack ground techniques. Watch the video and you be the judge for yourself……..!



I don’t post a lot of MMA fights on here unless they have some excellent grappling involved, and that is exactly what this Tate vs Rousey fight is full of.

I know there are a lot of guys in the grappling world who balk at the idea they can learn something from a female grappler. I think the mindset there is that women grapplers or fighters for that matter, are weaker in their skills then men. I really can’t disagree more. I think women use a higher degree of technique then men because of being the so called “weaker gender.”

Ive learned a lot from watching female competitors like Rousey, Kyra Gracie, leticia Ribeirio, Michelle Nicolini and host of others whose techniques are at a higher level than most men. Plus you would be hard pressed to find a lot of men that could compete with these women.  Try calling Rousey the weaker sex to her face and see what happens…..LOL

Personally I don’t care if  your man, woman or alien, if  you have great technique then you have my full attention. So watch as Tate and Rousey give a great display of MMA and Grappling technique….



This really should be ” Judo Match up’s of the day”  because of the amount of opponents that  Koga takes out in the 1989 Judo Worlds.  You also  get to watch Mike Swain go through his opponents and meet Koga in the finals which turns out to be a classic match.  This is truly Judo at its highest level……


Shadow wrestling/grappling  is something that I should do more of.  When your not able to get to class or if you’re dealing  with injury Shadow wrestling is a good way to supplement to live training.  The key to really  making it worth while is using your imagination. You have to try and make it as real in your mind as you possibly can

I like to close my eyes when I’m shadow grappling on the ground. This seems to make it easier  for me to engage my imagination.  Obviously, for safety reasons, you should avoid closing your eyes when doing shadow wrestling from the feet.

This video is just one example of how to do Shadow Wrestling but the only limit to this drill is in your own mind………

This is a small part of a documentary on World Judo Champion Ilias Iliadis. This showcases his mental perspective and shows how he won the 2011 World Judo Championships……



Heres some more mad skills from Olympian Jimmy Pedro………


Here is the always explosive Jimmy Pedro showing why he was a two time olympian……….



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