Quick shout out to Dave W, hope all the cross-side escapes helped you out!

We’re  going to switch gears this week (maybe the next two weeks) and concentrate on my favorite positions to work from: The Butterfly  Guard.   Who better to showcase for this position than the man himself, Marcelo Garcia.

I think Marcelo is probably best known for either his murderous guillotines or his use of the X-Guard.  What most people dont realize is that its his incredibly high level use of the Butterfly Guard that makes him ridiculously good.  Garcia maybe the best I’ve ever seen at using the butterfly guard. His transitions into his other famous submissions and positional controls almost all come from his butterfly guard.

He has developed such a chain reaction to the many counters to the butterfly guard that its almost impossible for opponents to deal with it when Garcia starts to flow.  Almost everything that Im going to post this week and probably into next week will be Garcia on the butterfly guard.  I figure why not stick with one of BJJ’s best…