The flower sweep (also known as the helicopter sweep) is arguably the most important sweep to learn in BJJ.   Its the first sweep I learned in Bjj and its still the sweep I use the most with the highest percentage of success.

I’ll never forget what my first BJJ instructor told me when he was teaching me the flower sweep, he said “Master this sweep, drill it all the time, it has all the mechanics that you will ever need to learn on how to sweep and also for submissions too” and he could not have been more right.

The carry over to other moves from learning the Flower sweep is endless, from the basic armbar to the Omoplata, its the one move I always make a point of teaching beginners to BJJ.   From appearances it looks deceptively simple to learn, but when you first try to pull it off you realize how complex it is in both execution and in timing.

Now a days I have a whole arsenal of sweeps which I chain together, but somewhere in that chain I always have the Flower sweep in the ready in case all else fails.

Here is a really nice variation on the Flower sweep from Phil Migliarese……