I’m a huge fan of drilling, whether it be positional drills or move specific, drilling builds the neuro-pathways we need to make moves become instinctual so we dont have to stop and think what we’re supposed to do at a given time in a match or a street fight.

Anytime I’ve filled in to teach a class the first thing I have everyone do for warm ups is drill moves . For an advanced class  I usually use the high percentage basic combo’s like arm bar to triangle to omoplata  or  arm bar to flower sweep to mount to cross choke.  Most of the time For a beginner class I usually have them do one move at a time, occasionally putting two moves together so they get used to the idea of flowing from one move to another.

In this video the guys from 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu  Van Nuys give us a really nice chain-drill to work on.  I know theres a lot of controversy that surrounds Eddie Bravo and his brand of  Jiu-Jitsu but what I always liked about his approach to Jiu-Jitsu is his emphasis on drilling the moves and how its all in the numbers of reps you put in, like any other sport.

Its fun to live train, and sure its incredibly important, but putting the reps in for the moves is equally, if not more important.