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Great technical match up here.   This is a great exhibition of the use of the Berimbolo sweep and  De La Riva guard by Braga. Joel Tudor is always great to watch and learn from. The Berimbolo is a crazy technique to learn but once you have down its difficult for your opponent to deal with…..


Mike Diaz, a Black Belt under Pedro Sauer, shows this awesome escape/sweep combo from the cross-sides position.  The thing with escapes  is realizing that you have to chain your escapes together in order to get a higher rate of success.  Just attempting one type of escape over and over thats not working is not only counter productive  but also physically exhausting making it more likely that your opponent is going to either tap you out or knock you out!


Some informative break down on the cross sides escape with Relson Gracie Black Belt Tod Tanaka..

This is a version probably everyone knows but there is a lot of detail that really makes the difference in this video. Just the detail in the arm placement is great in itself……


Not much to add to this description when you have two greats like this competing against each other.  Enjoy!


Quick post today but one filled with some great stuff from Jason Scully of  Here he runs through twenty three BJJ Transitions in 8 minutes.   There are some really impressive moves in this quick video.  My advice is to get ready to pause and rewind a  lot on this one…….


About two weeks ago while I was at work, I had one of those “This Sucks!” moments.  I was climbing up a ladder, got about three rungs up and all of the sudden my ladder slid one way, I went the other.    I’m still not sure how it happend because it happend so fast, but the next thing I knew I fell to the ground  got my foot twisted up in the ladder, and heard a loud pop come from my knee!

Funny thing was that at first it didn’t hurt at all.  In fact I thought I was fine and the pop that I had  heard I attributed it to me hitting the ground.  About fifteen minutes later I knew I was cooked.  I could hardly walk and my knee swelled right up.  Fast forward to today and I’m out of work and out of training for the next couple of months.

Well I maybe down, but I’m not out.  These are the seven things I’ve been doing since I’ve been sitting around healing:



I maybe  limited on what I can do physically right now, but I can still get a lot out of watching BJJ tournament footage from Youtube.  I’ve said it on here before and it bears repeating, but watching tournament footage containing the top BJJ competitors  is a great way to not only learn  but keep your head in the game.  When you analyze a match its almost like you are actually competing.  Also, I’ve lost count on how many solid tweaks I’ve added to my game by viewing a match and intently scrutinizing  what a competitor is doing in a certain situation.



In line with the whole Youtube theme would also be reading about BJJ.  Picking the brains of some of BJJ top guys like Marcelo Garcia, Dave Camarillo, Saulo Ribeiro and whole host of other notable BJJ Black Belts is never a bad thing. I personally get a lot more out of theory then pictures of techniques.  Jiu Jitsu University by Saulo Ribeiro is a great example of this.  After I read his book it changed not only the way I think about BJJ but how I went about training.



This another thing I hammer home to people in BJJ, but drilling the moves in your head goes a long way.  Marcelo Garcia said once in an interview that when he wasn’t training at his academy he was training in his mind. This habit started when he first got into BJJ and couldn’t train as often as he wanted do to the distance to his then school.  He would sit at his home and drill the moves he had learned that day in class over and over again in his head.  The psychology of this has been proven over and over again through many sports studies  with athletes showing notable gains just from imagining themselves practicing.  If its good enough for Marcelo Garcia, then its good enough for me!



Until I get the ok from the doctor to start back to work  and then to training, the least I can do is use the other appendages that do work right now.  I’ve seen it a hundred times before in training.  A guy gets an injury and takes himself completely out of training, then one of two things happen; either he takes so much time off that he never comes back, or he comes back and is depressed on how far ahead him everyone else is now, which makes training miserable.

I once tore a muscle in my chest which made it almost impossible to effectively use my right arm without being in pain. Instead of staying out training I decided to use just my left arm and grip my belt with my right hand, making sure to stop if I felt any serious pain in my chest.  Having the use of only my legs and left arm really enriched my game because of  the ingenuity it forced on me because of the self imposed limitation.

Dont get me wrong, I realize that this totally dependent on how severe your injury is.  In my case I have to be careful of bending the knee or twisting in in anyway, so even drilling moves is out for me now, but I can still come up with a few Jiu-Jitsu related things to work on with the body parts that are not broken on



I know that some are going to disagree with this one but if you cant train at your school you can at least watch the classes.   Believe me I know this can stink on ice.   Sometimes theres nothing worse than sitting on the side lines watching everyone else have fun training and learning, but for my money it keeps you in the mix of everything.  Its shows your instructor that you have commitment.  Even better than watching DVDs is watching your instructor go over moves, and unlike a DVD you can ask your instructor about the move if you think you missed some kind of detail.



When you do get a idea of when you can return to full training make sure you have a plan of action when you finally hit the mats.  Try to figure out how hard you can train, what position you should work on first, what area of your training will put the least amount of strain on the injury in question, what people in your school you should and should not train with, etc…

Its pays to have a good plan of attack when you do return to make sure that you dont re-injure yourself and that you can start to make up for lost time on the mat.



The most important thing to do when injury takes you out of play is not to stress about it.  I know this can be difficult, injuries require time to fully recover and being impatient and sitting around stressing about it can make your recovery take even longer.    Stress effects the immune system and that in turn effects the healing process.

Stressing about not training has led many to return too soon to the mats only to worsen an already problemed area of your body, which keeps you out even longer!


Hopefully within the month (doctor and god willing) I’ll be back to work and on the mat again, but until that time at least I have some tools to keep me engaged and not sitting around going batty!…LOL



Lets face it, theres nothing worse in BJJ than being caught in the cross-sides position.  Its annoying, frustrating, brutal and most of the times humiliating!    Its probably the least drilled position in BJJ because of the pain and aggravation you have to go through in order to get proficient at escapes and reversals.   Be that as it may, I know that for myself, and probably a lot of BJJ guys out there, its one of those positions that you should never stop drilling to the day you cant train anymore.

In this video we get a great escape/attack option from BJJ black belt Dennis Asche from Connection-Rio……..


Heres a great highlight of  BJJ phenom Rodolfo Vieira ripping through his  competition.  Vieira probably has one of the most dominant top games in BJJ today. What I really like about him is his use of the basics in both BJJ and Judo.

To be able to pull off the basics against such elite competition is amazing in itself.

Part two of  Rener  Gracie v.s. the Jackonsville swat team…..


Love this video. Here’s Rener Gracie taking on 21 members of the Jacksonville swat team, one after the other….The guy has skill…lol


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