One thing that troubles almost every BJJ school is how students go about training together when its time to roll.   Its almost always like a championship bout from ADCC that a lot of the times ends up in injury.

Slow rolling is very hard to come by in a Jiu Jitsu school because the attitude is usually the harder you train the better you get.  The problem is that if you roll hard every time you get to class the chances of injury go way up and the likeliness that you’ll be out is almost a guarantee.

My old instructor Danny Ives had the best advice when it came to training. His advice was to train hard one day and light the next, that way you cut down on the injury and still get good quality training in.

This video is a great instruction in slow rolling. If you don’t already, definitely try and add this type of training into your routine and watch how your injury rate in class goes down while your refinement in technique goes way up……