The number one thing that guys that have just joined BJJ ask me is “How do I get good at Jiu Jitsu?” Its always a funny question to me probably because I too had asked that question when I first started and the answer that I give is the same one that Renzo Gracie gave me years ago “It’s all in the numbers of your training.”

What that really boils down to is the amount you train.  How much many times do you rep out the moves. How times do you drill a position. How much rolling do you do in a week and what kind of quality is in that rolling?  There really isn’t any magic in it, its just a matter of getting your ass to class in a consistent manner enough for your body to develop an instinctual feel for the techniques.

From the beginners eyes all this can seem overwhelming, all the drills available or the combo’s of moves, the different modalities of training that are available can leave the beginner bewildered to the point of paralysis because they don’t know where to start. The problem is that what the new student doesn’t know is that there is so much information available about jiu jitsu training now that its almost impossible not to get good.

There are books , DVD’s, online classes, the list is endless but one thing that will never change in the pursuit of excellence in BJJ is the fact that you have to put in the time on the mat in order to use all that information to its fullest.

Everyone has a certain potential that, with time on the mat, they can reach, but its how you put that time to use that counts.    I’ve seen so many guys get good with a certain position and continue to just train that part of  their game because its so natural and they can beat a lot of people from that spot.  What they don’t realize they’re doing is developing a one dimensional game that some one will eventually take apart.

So when you do start to really get serious about training and start racking up the numbers in training make sure they are filled with as much quality as quantity.   In the end it really is simple to get good at BJJ,its the commitment thats the hard part.