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One thing that troubles almost every BJJ school is how students go about training together when its time to roll.   Its almost always like a championship bout from ADCC that a lot of the times ends up in injury.

Slow rolling is very hard to come by in a Jiu Jitsu school because the attitude is usually the harder you train the better you get.  The problem is that if you roll hard every time you get to class the chances of injury go way up and the likeliness that you’ll be out is almost a guarantee.

My old instructor Danny Ives had the best advice when it came to training. His advice was to train hard one day and light the next, that way you cut down on the injury and still get good quality training in.

This video is a great instruction in slow rolling. If you don’t already, definitely try and add this type of training into your routine and watch how your injury rate in class goes down while your refinement in technique goes way up……


Robson Moura on BJJ….

This is a fantastic short documentary on Robson Moura and his ideas on training and BJJ as a life style.  This is some really good stuff……

Saulo Ribeiro is amongst some of my favorite BJJ black belts for a lot  of reasons, but probably one of the biggest is his mental take on BJJ.  He’s one of the few guys out there that really explore the  Zen/warrior side of BJJ.

This is a really good expression on what BJJ means to him and how your ego can get in your own way in training.  I’ll let the master tell it in his own words…..



The number one thing that guys that have just joined BJJ ask me is “How do I get good at Jiu Jitsu?” Its always a funny question to me probably because I too had asked that question when I first started and the answer that I give is the same one that Renzo Gracie gave me years ago “It’s all in the numbers of your training.”

What that really boils down to is the amount you train.  How much many times do you rep out the moves. How times do you drill a position. How much rolling do you do in a week and what kind of quality is in that rolling?  There really isn’t any magic in it, its just a matter of getting your ass to class in a consistent manner enough for your body to develop an instinctual feel for the techniques.

From the beginners eyes all this can seem overwhelming, all the drills available or the combo’s of moves, the different modalities of training that are available can leave the beginner bewildered to the point of paralysis because they don’t know where to start. The problem is that what the new student doesn’t know is that there is so much information available about jiu jitsu training now that its almost impossible not to get good.

There are books , DVD’s, online classes, the list is endless but one thing that will never change in the pursuit of excellence in BJJ is the fact that you have to put in the time on the mat in order to use all that information to its fullest.

Everyone has a certain potential that, with time on the mat, they can reach, but its how you put that time to use that counts.    I’ve seen so many guys get good with a certain position and continue to just train that part of  their game because its so natural and they can beat a lot of people from that spot.  What they don’t realize they’re doing is developing a one dimensional game that some one will eventually take apart.

So when you do start to really get serious about training and start racking up the numbers in training make sure they are filled with as much quality as quantity.   In the end it really is simple to get good at BJJ,its the commitment thats the hard part.


Been a little lax lately with the blog, mainly because I’ve been busy at work, but what better way to make it  up to you than to show you some serious training footage of the great Andre Galvao.

Outside his fantastic jiu jitsu, the thing I really like about Galvao is that he is a big believer in drilling to ad nauseam. In this clip you get to see a little of that in action but the big benefit is seeing him roll in a class setting. Just his speed and fluidity in his Jiu jitsu is enough to learn from.  This is a great clip from Gracie Mag…….

This is another one of my favorite combo’s from the guard.  The thing I like about this combo is the ease in which one move blends into another..

As a side note I end this series a little differently than shown in this video.  After I’ve completed the back roll sweep I like to spin backward and end up in the S-mount. In the video you see him turn towards the opponent and end up in side control.  Theres nothing wrong with ending the sequence that way, I just find it easier to flow from the roll to S-mount.  Also, if your opponent is a big guy he can sometimes muscle you off if you try turning into him for the side mount….


Not much I can say about these two guys other than they are insanely talented.  I really like this match because Galvao has a completely different style of jiu jitsu than Magalhaes and that always makes for a great match…..



Here is some great training footage of Kamal Shalorus vs Leo Frincu  and at the same time Ronda Rousey vs Karo Parisyan.  This gives you some good insight into why these competitors are so good….


Some serious Judo Newaza……..

This is some killer footage of high-level Judo competitors from around the world showing their proficiency in ground fighting. I like when someone says to me that Judo is great for stand up but they lack ground techniques. Watch the video and you be the judge for yourself……..!



Some quick work from Ryan Hall at the 2009 Grapplers Quest …..


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