This is an important video to watch if your a BJJ guy.  I guess this was a tournament between Judo and BJJ coaches.  The guy who gets choked out is a BJJ black belt and the choke that he got caught in is an Ezequiel choke.

The reason I posted this is to illustrate a couple of things. One, you can get choked out by someone even if you have them in your guard.  This is usually a white belt problem of letting the guy establish the choke and not knowing where you should have your legs and arms if you do get caught. In reality a guy caught in the  guard really puts himself at risk going for a move like this, so this choke rarely gets attempted.

The second reason I posted this is to show what can happen when your advanced and you don’t  think you could ever get caught in a choke like this.  Happened to me once. I was training with a guy who was a blue belt and a lot bigger than me and  I wasn’t paying attention to what he was doing.  I was better than him and had been tapping him out the whole time we trained, so when he started wrapping up the Ezequiel choke on me I didn’t take it seriously until I couldn’t breathe. I was in a bad position and couldn’t get my hips free, which is exactly what happened to the guy in this video. Next thing I know I had to tap or go out.

I just started laughing afterwards for being so stupid to be caught in such a day-one choke.  Suffice to say I learned a good lesson.  If you get too cocky you might go to sleep .