The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Never fear what will become of you, depend on no one. Only the moment you reject all help are you freed.


Anxiety, panic attacks, worry, phobias. These are common words today. I don’t think a day goes by that there is not some kind of horrible thing on the tv to make you worry. It could be terrorist attacks or the newest report on the high unemployment rate. Fear is fed to us on a daily basis.

To make matters worse we are told to not fear, not to worry because this causes stress which can lead to stress induced illness, so now we fear our fear and a cycle begins thats even more difficult to avoid. The question most of us start asking ourselves becomes this; Can we totally banish fear from our lives? The answer is no.

Fear is designed by nature to protect us. It lets us know when to run and when to fight,hence the term “fight or flight response.”
The problem comes when there is an inappropriate amount of fear. A constant state of anxiety is the real culprit for stress induced illness. The constant low level release of adrenaline into the system causes the body to eventually start to wear down.
So what’s the answer? Well there are many,it all depends on the level of anxiety you have, but the standard answers are yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, visualization, biofeedback, and a whole host of other stress reducing activities that are available.
The one technique I would like to talk about is acceptance. Sounds too simple but there is weight to this. I have suffered with panic attacks on and off since my late twenties. Sometimes so severe that it was hard to leave my house, other times just a simple annoyance. When I first started to get them they were debilitating. As time went on and I educated myself more on the cause I learned how to deal with them more effectively. Not that I don’t still have my bad times,but I do have a better grasp over them.
One of the things that down right pissed me off when I first started seeking help for my attacks were people telling me to control my breathing. Now breath work for low level generalized anxiety does absolutely help and is valid, but for full blown panic attacks or terror in general, breath work is fantasy land. The primal part of your mind takes full control, speeds up your breathing and throws out rational thought all together. This is a conditioned response that, like I said,makes you fight or flee. I usually fled the scene, lol.
Many things have helped me over the years, a lot of which was not in a book or in a therapist office. The one thing that helped me was plain acceptance. Accepting that I was having an attack and not trying to fight it off. The more I tried not to control them the less I panicked. Yielding to fear, letting it wash over me with all it’s varied symptoms was easier on me then fighting for control of my fear. The more I practiced this the less I would have attacks.
You don’t have to suffer from an anxiety disorder to benefit from this, normal everyday fears caused by stress will also be reduced by this technique.
Freeing yourself from the burden of control over everyday events that make you fearful is medicine well received to an overtaxed nervous system.