How often you hear the saying “live life like its your last day!”  Its so very easy to say this with conviction. You gather the excitement that comes from these words of wisdom and you head off to tackle the world. Then, maybe after a couple of  days you realize that maybe you have few more days left to live. Then you start living your life again like your immortal.

It can be depressing that you can not maintain the momentum from the truth of this saying. We all know (whether we we want to or not) that we could die today. Life can be snatched at any moment and theres really nothing you can do about it. Fate calls and you answer, but living the way we do always seems to cloud this reality and our 9-5 life makes us live for the future and not for the present.

The only people I have ever really known to come close to living like its was their last day were those individuals that have had a near death experience. They have felt life leave them and are forever changed because of it. This not a morbid thing but a blessing in disguise. These people really begin to live after this experience. Everything in life becomes a type of magic for them. In a sense they are doubly lucky. They survived death and they found life again.

The only other type of people who I know of that really have an appreciation of their mortality were those from religious and spiritual backgrounds. From buddhist monks to islamic sufi’s to catholic monks, these individuals dedicated themselves to prayer and meditation to find the insight of their own mortality and oneness with god.

Now we can’t all drop our lives and go meditate in a cave. We also shouldn’t hope for a near death experience, but there maybe small ways to start an appreciation for living a life less traveled.

Meditation . You don’t have to sit for hours to benefit from meditation. A daily practice of ten minutes would be a great start. It was once said that a minute of meditation a day is better than none at all.As to the way to meditate, well thats up to a little research by you. There are a multitude of styles of meditation out there and you have to find the one that fits you. Meditation keeps you in the now, that way life in the moment can be experienced even if just for the twenty seconds of presence you may feel.

Doing something that you fear to do.  This doesn’t have to be extreme like jumping out of a plane. It could be something small like singing at a Karaoke or getting on a roller coaster. Facing fear in a lot of ways is like facing death, after the initial panic subsides you feel a little more empowered and appreciative about life.

Slowing down.  This may seem out of place but its definitely  apropos. Living a fast paced life is more akin to speeding up your death. Are there times when you have no choice but to rush? Yes,I’m not unrealistic especially in the way the world operates today. What I’m suggesting you do is a small inventory about your time and how you use it. Then see if there are really times that you are just speeding through your day because of conditioning rather than need.

These are just my suggestions. Again, Im not a therapist, life coach or doctor. I’m just a dopey guy that just does Brazilian Jiu jitsu and reads a lot, so take my advice or leave it.  Its worth your time to at least try and keep to the mindset of living your life like its your last day.