I remember when I was young there always seemed to be some kind of military recruiting commercial on.  One I think everyone remembers was from the U.S. Army that always ended with “Be all you can be”.  The actual slogan was created by an ingenious advertising executive named  E.N.J. Carter who garnered  an ‘Outstanding Civil Servant Award’ for his efforts. The slogan went on to serve as the recruiting banner for over twenty years until it was eventually replaced by the next slogan which was “Army of One.”

“Be all that you can be” was the second longest running recruitment slogan in Army history and you have to ask yourself why?  I think that almost everyone on the planet starts out with the desire to be the best they can be. You don’t hear too many people say “I want to be the least I can be!”   A slogan like “Be all that you can be” strikes a cord  inside all of us, a drive to succeed at what we dream of doing. Its a search that most people end up not following through on for a multitude of reasons, but the desire is always there. Its not about perfection but more about striving to excel.

When they were coming up for ideas for “Be all you can be” they weren’t thinking about personal growth , they were trying to come up with something that would get the youth excited about joining the military. Inadvertently they strongly appealed to something more then just some male bravado. They struck a cord with a longing in the human condition to become a better person.

How many times have you thought that your not reaching your full potential? Maybe you thought you could be a better employee, parent, friend, painter, etc.. Thats what life is I think , striving to be the best person you can be. This is a personal best for everyone, its not about being better than the person next to you, its about being the best for the people around you.