Now I don’t know how people feel about my blog and in a lot of ways I don’t really care. Don’t get me wrong, I genuinely do hope that people do get something from reading my posts.  Whether its from the motivation and inspiration side of things to Brazilian jiu jitsu, I do hope that something I write helps someone along the line.

Having said that someone recently brought it to my attention, in a very nice way, that they believed my  blog was a little  all over the map. This person believes that  I should start a separate blog for the inspirational side of life and one for the martial art side . I could not disagree more.

For me, motivation, inspiration and Brazilian jiu jitsu are all parts of the same world. I think the problem is that people think of Jiu jitsu as something you beat people up with. A mindless street fighting martial art that you use to to destroy your opponent with.

Now I won’t deny that Brzilian jiu jitsu was tried and tested for street fighting and is the martial art that gave birth to MMA, but mindless its not and I don’t believe you could find more art in a lot of other martial arts out there. My friend Matt I think summed it up best for me when he said to me that Brazilian jiu jitsu was my “Zen”. No truer statement could have ever been said to me.

When Im on the mat training with someone my thoughts of the outside world cease. I’m not thinking about work. I’m not thinking about bills. I’m not thinking of anything that has to do with the 9-5 world. I’m centered on my match. I’m aiming for perfection in technique that I know I cannot achieve but enjoy undertaking.

This, I believe goes hand in hand with life. You strive to be the best you can be  (perfection) but know your always a work in progress. To get to that goal you need motivation and inspiration.  Life has a way of handing you defeats and you need something to drive your will to keep going.

Like an artist with a canvas that needs inspiration to paint, in jiu jitsu you need inspiration to carry on at  times  when your game is just not up to par and you feel like you can’t do anything right.

I do hope that things I post here have ,at the least, lifted your spirit, but I will continue to post the best of both worlds, or as I see is, the same world.