There is an old Japanese story  I really enjoy about a samurai and his lover that goes like this;

There was a young samurai and his fiancé who were deeply in love. One day his fiancé was walking through the forest when she was attacked and seriously mauled by a man-eating tiger. No matter what the young samurai did, nothing could save her… and she died

From the depths of his sorrow he vowed to revenge his beloved, by seeking out the tiger and killing it.

So he took his bow and arrow and sought out into the forest, month after month in search of the man-eating beast. Searching daily in the forest, the samurai finally saw a sleeping tiger in the distance and concluded that this must be the tiger responsible for the death of his lover!

He drew his bow, took careful aim and released the arrow which found its mark and pierced the tigers body deeply.  Drawing and mounting another arrow he slowly approached the motionless creature to confirm the kill… only to find his arrow stuck deeply into a striped colored stone which happened to resemble that of a sleeping tiger.

After this, everyone in the village began to talk about how strong he was, because he could pierce a stone with his arrow, and people became determined to test him. However, regardless of how many times he attempted to repeat the undertaking his arrows kept bouncing off the rock.

This was because he now realized that his target is only a stone. In the past his resolve had been so profound that he was actually able to physically pierce a stone with his arrow. However, now under different circumstances, he was unable to repeat the same feat.

This story is the origin of the japanese saying ” A strong will can even pierce stone.”

Will (without getting into semantics) is really just another way of saying motivation. If you are not strongly motivated to say, make money, chances are you won’t succeed at it.

The idea is to try develop the same kind of focus and resolve the samurai had but into constructive goals that you want to accomplish. I know how difficult this can be to develop, but once you start to create this kind of drive within yourself your world holds no bounds.