Everyone that has anything to do with brazilian jiu jitsu today owes a debt of gratitude to Royce Gracie.  He’s the last of the tournament UFC champions who fought all weight and sized individuals…. For my money Royce had the best MMA guard, or street guard there ever was..

I love this match for a lot of reasons. One is that you can watch Royce use little energy throughout the match, purposely taking his time to set each position and make his opponent burn out.  Second, it shows you the basics of Gracie jiu jitsu  at work. Third,  Royce never explodes through his positioning, he takes it an inch at a time..

Funny thing is that if you read the by line of this youtube clip it talks about how his opponent only had 6 months of MMA training, but if you look at the guy you can see that he’s definitely way more athletic than Royce. Everyone forgets that Gracie jiu jitsu was invented so the weak could complete with the strong.  This match, like a lot of  Royce’s matches, is a great example of that principle in motion.