I found this on someone else’s blog….I Could not find the share button for the post cause Im still new to this so I had to copy the post. Heres the link to their blog http://oleana.wordpress.com/ . I want make sure they get the credit for the posting..below the video is Oleana’s words, not mine…really touching stuff..

A very touching and heart warming video that brought tears to my eyes. Lulwah, a little girl who tries to help the less fortunate at a very young age, not only because they need it but also trying to teach herself the importance of community service.  Children are the future and it is our job as parents to teach them the meaning of  life. Courage, compassion and kindness go a long way, be kind to others and be thankful for what you have.

If only more parents were like Lulwah’s parents the world would be a better place.