Brazilian jiu jitsu is one of those martial arts thats extremely hard to train for without a partner because of the complexity that comes with the art, so it becomes difficult to do outside training if you can’t get on the mat in a consistent way and that really hinders your overall progress.

Over the years Ive found a lot of ways to train by myself for certain positions or movements either by researching on the net or coming up with ways of my own. In this video the instructor shows some great variations of using the gi to do pull ups.  Some of these Ive used and some were new to me. I have my own gi pull up variations I do in addition to some of these and if I can ever get over  the horrible thought of seeing myself on camera I might put them up, but don’t hold your breath…lol

Just as a side note, this guy has 9 videos on youtube that are excellent that you should check out. I only mention that because I noticed that this video only got 28 views, me being the 28th and he deserves a lot more …