Here is one of my favorite Marcelo Garcia matches of all time mainly because of the story behind it.  At this time no one new who Garcia was in the least bit. The story goes that he was invited to only be a fill in incase one of the the real contestants became injured or did not show up. On top of that, there were three other fill in grappler’s  ahead of him in his weight class making Marcelo’s chances of actually competing next to zero. Marcelo showed up every day even though there was no real chance he would ever compete.

The original person slated for the existing slot had gotten injured , the first two fill in fighters had also been injured, and the third fill in never showed up, leaving Marcelo as the only person left to take the spot.

Ribiero at the time was widely touted as one of the best grapplers of all time,(what Marcelo is considered today) and expected to win his weight category and the absolute.

Garcia is an incredible example of hard work and determination.