When I first started training, Brazilian jiu jitsu was only known as Gracie jiu jitsu, and even then no one knew what Gracie jiu jitus was.  Then, in 1993 came a very small, unknown tournament held in Denver Colorado  called the Ultimate fighting championship that completely changed the martial arts world forever.

What solidified Brazilian jiu jitsu’s place in the sun was actually the second UFC, because it was there that it showed that Royce Gracies first win was not a fluke and that the techniques of Gracie Jiu jitsu were not only effective in an actual street fight but also against people from  different martial arts disciplines .

If your not as old as I am, then you couldn’t understand what it was like before the UFC days.  Most people chose a martial art because they “heard” it was effective.  No one had any real proof that their martial art was the ultimate one  other than their  instructor telling them it was.  Only the Gracies put their martial art to the test in a laboratory of real street  fights and refined it into the science we know today.

People like Fred Ettish ,who came from a background in tradition martial arts, believed that their training was effective enough to be used in a real life street fight, going as far as to believe themselves so deadly that they would most likely kill some one if they actually had to fight.

Unfortunately  for Fred Ettish he learned a very hard  lesson, one that would be tough enough to handle if it had just happened in a regular street fight, let alone a public arena like the UFC.  You also have to factor into his misfortune all the negativity  he received from other martial artist that came after his UFC debut.

Hopefully for all you who remember  Fred Ettish and were quick to make fun of him ( which I too was guilty of at one time) will have a change of heart after watching this Youtube video, I know I did. You can’t help but respect the man.

He’ll probably never read this blog, but if your out there Fred, I apologize.